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Special Inaugural Offer !!!

Live Webcast your event to friends & family around the world –

2 hours live coverage using our equipment & internet connection (using skype or yahoo), we will also assist with setup & manage up-to 5 simultaneous viewers.

Rs. 1,995/-


Steps –

·        We get the list of email addresses of people who could watch the web cast. This list can be emailed to websolutions@marrikrishnahall.com

·        We send them email with details of setting up Yahoo, Yahoo Messenger and accepting our invitation or requesting our invite.

·        During the given time the viewers login and request the webcast permissions.


(need to be aware that there could be a time difference between India and the viewers country).




Contact : Ph : 2700 5255; 9000 121010; Email – websolutions@marrikrishnahall.com

Website : http://www.marrikrishnahall.com


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